Enuf is Enuf!

Enuf rape and sexual violence!

We must aim for nothing less than zero tolerance for rape and sexual violence.


How it began

“Sexual violence in South Africa has been rated among the highest in the world.


Our prospects

To break the chain of silence protecting rape and sexual violence. Speaking up about rape and other acts of sexual violence can help the healing process for victims, mount pressure for prevention of these crimes and encourage reporting of them.



Kwanele-Enuf advert
15 October 2016

Andy Kawa speaks at 2016 Eduweek
6 July 2016

[EduWeek] Kwanele Enuf's Chairman and Founder Andy Kawa spoke at this year’s Eduweek event around how South African Universities and other tertiary institutions can develop safe and secure spaces for learning. The event was held on 29-30 June 2016 in Midrand. Andy Kawa’s session offered key tips on how to make your schools/institutions a safer environment for those who work and learn in it.